Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What's that you say? Cut spending?

On October 31, we will be facing for the second time, a shut down of state government. At that time, the 30 day continuation budget will expire. We were granted an extension of last year's budget by the Governor because of our inability to get a budget done.

Now we are down to the last six days and the discussion is still ongoing in the appropriations committees. The new budget year is still $440 million short of the revenue needed to cover the Governor's spending desires.

We have a Governor who can't hear the taxpayers and working families of this state. They have been telling her to cut spending, but she can't cut spending; her constituency, the tax-eaters won't let her. What is she to do?

Prediction: we get perilously close to an agreement and then at the 11th hour, everything falls apart and the Governor signs another extension of the current budget. And the beat goes on...

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