Monday, October 29, 2007

Bureaucrats "don't get it"

You would think after enacting $1.5 billion in new taxes just in the last month, the government officials and bureaucrats in Lansing would take a break. Not so. A group made up mostly of municipalities and tax-eating industries is pushing for a new 9-cent-per-gallon tax increase on gasoline to pay for new infrastructure (roads).

What are these guys thinking? This is a huge tax increase dedicated to roads. While I can appreciate that the funds are dedicated to roads, has anyone noticed that many of the gas taxes we currently pay are NOT used for roads? They pay for things like empty city buses driving around town on the taxpayer's dollar.

If infrastructure is a primary mandate of state government, and there is a lack of funds, then we need to re-prioritize our spending habits, not soak the taxpayers again.

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