Monday, October 29, 2007

Department of Labor and Economic Growth (D-LEG)

Boy, there is an oxymoron! This department, since its creation, has only watched hundreds of thousands of jobs and economic growth leave the state!

The budget increases to $1.3 billion, a 5.6% increase. It includes the "No Worker Left Behind" program, an invention of the Governor. It provides education grants (free college) to "displaced workers". If you worked for GM and got laid off after 20 years, you get a free education, if you are a hard-working student, trying to put yourself through college...sorry, "no soup for YOU!"

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Anonymous said...

What about those who already have a degree or two that still cannot find employement? Who would decide what program of study you could take?
Many large companies have had higher education incentives in place for years, including GM. What effect would a state program have on these, or should the state be involved in a subsidy for those programs?

I don't think the governor's plan has been challenged adequately.

Is this a done deal? It sounds stupid, inconsiderate, and expensive. The ideal government program.