Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Transparency on the March

Here is an update from Americans for Tax Reform, who have been championing the cause for Transparency across the country. You may remember I introduced this legislation in Michigan. But alas, the Democrats don't think it is important enough to take up in committee, so the bill languishes. If you did not get my newsletter about this issue, let me know. Contact me at jackhoogendyk@gmail.com. I will send you copy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Transparency in Government Spending on the March

Taxpayers have seen a lot of great developments on the "Transparency in Government Spending" front over the past few months.

Some of the more recent developments include:

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt's web portal MAP (for Map Your Taxes) now not only features information on government expenditures such as contracts and grants, but also information on tax credits.

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina has issued an executive order mandating the creation of a comprehensive website for government expenditures and instructing state agencies to disclose their own expenditures including travel and office supplies on their own websites. Both websites are supposed to be up and running by March next year.

Take a look at ATR's letter endorsing the executive order.

Nebraska Treasurer Shane Osborn has also announced that he plans to create a similar website for government expenditures to go live before the next state legislative session.

You can access ATR's letter in support of the treasurer's plan here.

And last but not least, Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs has expanded the search function on her web portal for government expenditures in compliance with the legislation passed this session.

Taxpayers are welcoming the opportunity to be able to track government expenditures at a mouse click, as evidenced by the fact that Gov. Blunt's website got over one million hits in less than two months.

The momentum is building, and ATR will continue to push for increased transparency in government spending. For updates, you can always refer to ATR's website, and a current memo on what is happening around the country can be accessed here.


Michigan Mom2three said...

I am formerly from Missouri, moved here with my Michigander husband. Matt Blunt was my representative at one time, and I'm thrilled to see him as Gov! I sure wish we had some leadership like THAT in THIS state...... Interesting to read about it.

I appreciate all the updates and information that your blog, and links give.

Michigan Mom2three said...

I'm from Missouri originally, moved here with my Michgander husband. Matt Blunt used to be my Rep at one time, and I'm thrilled to see him as Gov! I sure wish we had some leadership like THAT in THIS state. ~big sigh. I love "living" in Michigan, but economically and politically, it's like beating my head against a wall. I wonder if my children will even have a future here. I can only hope that the citizens of Mighigan will wake up and realize the truth of the leadership they have voted into office, and that things will turn around soon.

Thanks for all your information and updates! It helps tremendously for staying informed about what is "really" going on.

Anonymous said...

So THIS is what government accountability looks like. Too bad we'll never see it here.