Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Feedback on the state Police Building

You may have read my newsletter about the Governor's grand plan to build a $117 million HQ for the Michigan State Police, when a fine building being leased for $1.00 per year is apparently "not good enough". If you did not receive the letter and would like a copy via email, send me a note at jackhoogendyk@gmail.com.

Here is a note I received from someone who "oughta know" about the MSP situation:

...We in the State Police saw this coming a long time ago. The reporters information is very accurate. There is not enough room for a State Police H. Q. on [that] piece of land in downtown Lansing. No heli-pad, no room to put our Emergency Mobilization vehicles, no parking etc, etc, etc. ...The State Police have never supported this move, but our Director works for the Governor so will acquiesce to her decisions or lose his job. Isn't politics grand? It's these types of decisions by our elected officials that cause the voting public to lose faith in government. They not only lose faith, they get mad. Sadly many of them probably think the State Police asked for this building. We have Troopers in the field working in dumps not suited for man or beast, and they are going to build this H. Q. downtown Lansing. What a selfish , self serving venture. Can't our politicians from time to time just do the right thing?...

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