Monday, October 29, 2007

History, Arts and Libraries (HAL)

This budget, while going down $800,000 in gross appropriations, is spending $610,000 MORE in general fund/general purpose dollars. Those are the discretionary funds that could be used for roads, cops, jails or, for that matter, public education! But no, we continue to fund the arts.

Hey, I love art, too. But is that really a function of government? There are plenty of very wealthy, generous philanthropists who are willing and able to fund the arts. And then, of course there is the actual price of the ticket.


Anonymous said...

All i see is increases where are the cuts?

MI Resident said...

The only cuts were the ones the dem's made by "cutting out" the working citizen. said...

See, now you're just being a mean Republican. We HAVE to pay for the arts. Because otherwise artists will starve.

You're so out of touch.