Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cut to the bone?

Detroit Public Schools $1.7 million in hotels, catering, travel to places like San Diego, Miami, Reno. Including $100,000 in catering by an unlicensed business that just happened to be in the home of a Detroit school principal. (Can you imagine catering $100,000 worth of food out of your home?) Detroit Free Press, February 9,2007

Michigan Ave. Fountain, $400,000. This is the state's share of multi-million dollar road improvement project in downtown Lansing. It includes a fountain in the middle of the street on Michigan Avenue, one block from the Capitol. Lansing State Journal, February 21, 2007

Art Work for Detroit Public Schools, $1.6 million. The district spent taxpayer approved bond money to buy art for the walls of the districts buildings. How many pieces are there and where are they hanging? Hmm...nobody knows for sure. Detroit Free Press, February 24, 2007

New State Police Headquarters, $116.7 million. MSP is currently housed in buildings on the campus of MSU. State pays $1.00 per year (yes, I said one dollar) for the very serviceable HQ complex. Nevertheless, the Governor went ahead (and the Legislature's capital outlay committee approved) a $116.7 million project to build new headquarters, which will be leased for 25 years. The contract was let as a "no-bid contract". Oh, by the way, that one dollar lease lasts until 2030. WXYT, Channel 7, September 26, 2007

Surgeon General, $159,000. A ceremonial position. The SG advocates for healthier lifestyles. Granted, the Governor did come to her senses and eliminate this position this year. Gongwers, March 27, 2007

Foot baths for students, $25,000. U of M, Dearborn is constructing two foot-washing stations on campus for Muslim students. Yes, these are taxpayer funds. Washington Times, August 7, 2007

First Gentleman's staff, $209,000. Dan Mulhern has three taxpayer-funded staffers. What do they do? How does this state benefit? Don't know. Mr. Mulhern is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. But, he says, they are "dedicated, hard-working state employees..." Michigan Taxpayer Alliance, September 2007


Anonymous said...

Jack, you've forgotten our own personal "bridge to nowhere" with the Ambassador alternative. Today, Jenny told us all to calm down. This paternalistic condescension is just par for the course with her. She knows better how to spend my money than I do. We need her out of office, and NOW.

Anonymous said...

I heard Daniel Mulhearn defend the State Police post deal the other night on his radio talk show. As usual, Daniel Danced around the subject, citing that the current post has "hidden expenses", that mitigate the difference in costs.
Oh, and no he didn't reference any of those hidden expenses

Down in flames said...

How about saving a few hundred million by getting FOC back to the mission they were designed for, and having them focus of families in need, rather than all families, even those who want FOC out of their case.

Of course part of their reduction would be offset by a slight loss of Title IV-D monies said...

And that's not to mention the radical spending hikes on state contracts that you laid out not too long ago.

Well, folks elected a tax-and-spend liberal Democrat majority in the House and a tax-and-spend liberal Democrat as Governor... guess we shouldn't be surprised when they don't change their spots.


wolflady48884 said...


Where I went to school that is half a billion and this is just a sample of the cuts that could be made. 1.6 million for Art??????????. Um why not have contests with the schools art students and place their artwork on the walls. This would honor Talented students and be a whole lot cheaper. I have seen some of the art that comes from students in schools and it is darn good.

Gee then you could buy more and better books or essential items so the kids can actually get an education. OH my bad that might not be what public schools are for. They are for dumbing down the children so they will be good little sheeple when they grow up.

Dan said...

That makes me angry

Anonymous said...

Ya know it's amazing to me that such a beautiful State, with all it has to offer, could allow itself to be put in such an ugly light and be made the laughing stock by the rest of the country. And to look at that list and then to know there are people, who live here, who will try to justify and say that type of waste is acceptable just stuns me !!! Our children can't afford live/work/purchase homes here, so once they leave and once things change why should they trust enough to consider coming back ??

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, do we know there is no federal dollars in any of these projects?

Anonymous said...

No one cared about the Office of The First Lady. I remember quite well how Michelle Engler had 6 people working for her.

Anonymous said...

He's probably using them to gather bias political commentary for his daily radio show!

Man of principles said...

U of M, Dearborn is constructing two foot-washing stations on campus for Muslim students. Yes, these are taxpayer funds. Washington Times, August 7, 2007

Establishment clause?? Is this constitutional?

Art Teacher said...

As a public school art teacher, I agree. With so many children in school, there is vast potential for art work to grace the halls, and make the children proud to see their art up in the hallways, as well as the Capitol.
Nothing says self esteem like having your work hang in public. Plus, you can rotate it with fresh work often! Why buy what you can get better for free?