Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hey, let's raise taxes!

LANSING -- Cuts in spending on road and bridge construction could cost Michigan more than 12,000 jobs in the next three years unless the state raises another $1 billion a year in fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees, a coalition of business, government and labor groups backing the tax hikes said Wednesday.

The above is the first paragraph of a story in the Detroit Free Press from October 18. It would lead one to believe that we need to raise road taxes to preserve jobs, not to fix roads.

Here is an idea. Rather than soak the taxpayers again, let's get rid of the prevailing wage, which forces us to pay 20-30% more for construction projects than we need to. The unions are running the state, and it isn't a good thing. There are plenty of "merit shops", construction companies who will do quality work at a competitive price, who aren't even given consideration because they are not union shops. The result: we pay more for road projects, a lot more.


Jason Gillman Jr. said...

I wasn't even aware that Michigan only awarded contracts because they aren't union shops. That's flat out ridiculous!

wolflady48884 said...

This is absolutely unconscionable.

I certainly hope the Recalls work, every stinking one of them. And I hope the idiots that voted wrong the last time learn their lesson and do the right thing and just shut the @*&^ state down this time.

Sealegs13 said...

I just knew this was coming. Granholm was too careful stating she had no intention of raising anymore "general" taxes. I told my friends and co-workers (state co-workers that is) that the next thing we would see is a hike in gas taxes. When will it end? I am reaching my frustration point. It is becoming almost laughable (in a sad, sick way). I remember seeing a quote somewhere - "The state is a circus and the horn tooting circus seals are running the show." Sad, but true. I grieve for what this state used to be and how it is being slowly destroyed. Shame of those who are wearing the blinders and can't see the forest for the trees.

Tom (dexter, mi) said...


Can you recommend a good NON-UNION sign shop? I need a couple of "Forsale By Owner" signs made up.

Anonymous said...

Jack Hoogendyk for Governor!

Garry said...

Thomas Sowell has a book, Basic Economics, it should be required reading for any local and state office holder. They allow the unions which represent 12% of workers to dominate public policy. Shameful, and the Reublicans allow it to happen. We do not need to change term limits, we need people with courage.