Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Done with fiscal irresponsibility, on to bad policy enactment

We managed to botch up the tax and fiscal policy of this state last week. Now that we have completed that task, we can move on to the enactment of some excessively bad policy. Over the next month, I can tell you with relative certainty, you will see a flurry of left-leaning, if not socialistic-in-nature, bills working their way through the House. Case in point: HB4607. Aptly described by http://www.michiganvotes.org/ as a bill to authorize state grants to “positive parenting skills” programs.

Read the bill language here:
It authorizes expenditures of state general funds for such things as improving parent and child interaction, improving school readiness and promoting access to needed community services. It will open the door to the creation of any number of new programs or agencies that will "help" you do what you should do for yourself: raise your children.

The liberals know that you are not paying close enough attention to be fully aware of what they are slipping by you. You are too busy trying keep your family business afloat or figuring out how you are going to meet your new tax obligations.

This type of legislation further justifies the need for a part-time legislature. Instead of coming to Lansing for a couple of months to take care of the state budget, we stay around all year doing things like mandating businesses to provide a bathroom to anyone who has an emergency, piling more and more licensing regulations on businesses or telling parents they are clueless and must therefore ask the state to show them how to "improve parent and child interaction."

Call your state rep. and tell them to reject this legislation.

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