Monday, October 29, 2007

Department of Natural Resources

This one goes up "only" 2.1% from $283 million to $289 million but it assumes we are raising over $6 million in new fees on hunters and fishermen. We haven't done that yet, but with passage of this bill, we HAVE to, otherwise the budget will be out of balance.

The budget increases by about $6 million, but includes over $7 million in "economic adjustments", that is bureaucratese for pay raises.


John from Warren said...

The problem with increased hunting and fishing fees is that they can be avoided -- by not buying a license.

Something people are doing in droves. (Not buying.) So much for making this a 'tourism economy', to replace the manufacturing jobs already destroyed.

Not reported much in the news is the number of businesses closing or trying to sell out up North. Most of the tourism comes from the manufacturing industry employees right here in Michigan, who have been hit hard. It will take awhile for the numbers to show up, but we are in for a real estate price 'adjustment' in those areas soon.

Thank the governess on my behalf, please, I just love all this 'investment' of my taxes.

MI Resident said...

The problem with the budget, is it isn't even balanced - basing a balanced budget on the presumption that the fees will go up is completely irresponsible at best.

No, the governor is doing her best to make an impact on the state, alright, wonder if you can buy carbon credits for THAT?