Monday, October 29, 2007

Jones and Brown: Two Great Legislators!

By now, many of you have heard about the $120 million Michigan State Police (MSP) Headquarters the Governor wants to build in downtown Lansing. This effort comes at a time when the state is "broke" and the State Police are happily ensconced in their current HQ building which they have been leasing from MSU for ONE DOLLAR per year.

Everybody seems happy. MSP has a nice building with all the necessary amenities, MSU is happy to have MSP on campus, the taxpayers must love it. Heck, a buck a year? Who can beat that?

But, for no good reason that I can find, the Governor is pushing to do this deal.

Ah, but here comes Representative Rick Jones and Senator Cameron Brown to the rescue of the taxpayers! They just introduced today, HB5378 and a companion Senate bill to stop the project before it starts! My hat's off to these two lawmakers who are looking out for you!

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