Tuesday, October 30, 2007

General Government Budget

This budget includes the Legislature, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Management and Budget, Information Technology (DIT) and others. The total budget is $130 million.

The DIT does all the computers, software, servers, telecommunications, etc., etc. You may remember the newsletter I did on this department. They are the ones that parleyed 10 technology contracts worth $90 million into just over $1 billion, after "change orders". Yes, you read that right. Read the entire audit here: http://audgen.michigan.gov/comprpt/docs/r5051005.pdf

This department should be shut down and all the contracts should be turned over to private contractors on a competitive bid basis. (Oh, yes, I understand there are a few high security, sensitive issues which should stay in house).

Anyway, DIT is being rewarded for their incompetence with a 14% increase in their budget!

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MI Resident said...

You know why they had to raise the budget so high? To pay the person who is monitoring all of us 24/7.