Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dennis Lennox must be on to something

Dennis Lennox is a student at Central Michigan University. He started a group called "Students Against Gary Peters." SAGP is unhappy about the fact that Gary Peters (former state senator and lottery commissioner) has signed a three year contract to teach at Central, reportedly for around $65,000, but is now running for Congress down in Oakland County.

One might ask: If Gary Peters signed a full-time contract which requires his primary commitment, how can he travel down to Oakland County to campaign full-time, which he is apparently doing? Rumors are he has missed a couple of office hours already.

There seems to be more to the story, and it appears Dennis is getting under the skin of the faculty and staff. When trying to sugmit a Freedom of Information request regarding Mr. Peters' contract, Dennis was assaulted by a dean on campus. Don't believe it? Ah, but its all on YouTube!

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Jason Gillman Jr. said...

I'm going to have to play devils advocate here.

Certainly, if the position were funded by the university and it were actually a full time position, Mr. Lennox might have a case. However:

1. The position of Griffin Chair is privately funded
2. It's not a full time position

Certainly, if it does show that running for congress is interfering with the ability to teach and maintain officers, there would be an issue. However, those are issues that would and should be brought up by students, to which the university would have to take action. Until then though, even as a conservative, I find no immediate concern here, and think Mr. Lennox might be over reacting.