Monday, October 29, 2007

Department of Environmental Quality

This is the Department that only duplicates what the EPA already does. It is a $371 million budget that can only be balanced IF we increase fees by $16 million plus. Who pays the new fees? Just about anybody who is in manufacturing in this state. New fees for air emissions permits, land and water use permits, solid waste permits, groundwater discharge permits, pollution prevention fees, on site waste water management, mineral wells regulation fees...but hey! we love manufacturing, and we will do "whatever it takes" to bring in more manufacturers.


John from Warren said...

The budget for the DEQ is small potatoes compared to the economic damage they cause. Probably somewhere between about 35 to 40% of our job losses can be laid at the feet of the EPA and DEQ.

The sad fact is, there is more freedom to do business and make things in Communist countries than there is in the United States of America.

Do the people of this state get what they deserve when they elect Socialists to office? They do if they think that by electing them, they will get some benefit paid for out of another man's labor. The only defense for those who create wealth is to flee the jurisdiction before all of the capital drains out and they are put out of business.

Anonymous said...

This department should go. Period. Is it true New Jersey is the only other state with a comparable agency?
How old is Michigan's DEQ? What is the difference in the Fed EPA regulations and the state's?