Friday, October 19, 2007

A note from an exasperated business owner

The letter below says more than I could ever say. It is from a small business owner in this state:

I am so angry at what has gone on in the state of Michigan. I am in the mortgage business and it has affected us to the extreme. With foreclosures at the highest, we have so many people in these ARMs that they are not allowing us to refinance into fixed loans, even people with great credit. You are going to see even more coming soon.

There are so many banks that will not even do business in the state of Michigan. We are just a little broker shop that is not able to survive this. Of course we don’t know what any of us are going to do because as we all know there are no jobs for us to get when that happens. Who in the world would want to bring big business to the state of Michigan? I know if it was me I would move mine to Ohio where they will pay me to bring my business.

My fiancĂ© has a security company in this state. He was having a hard time keeping above water because everybody needs protection but nobody can afford it. Now that there is sales tax he has had to raise his prices to cover his expense and because of that, he lost 3 of his big accounts. He just had to lay off the office staff because he can’t afford to pay them anymore. So he is going to have to shut down; another one lost and more jobs gone. “Thank you” to the Democrats and a few Republicans. I'm not sure where he is to go from here.

I think it is so unfair that they could pick and choose who has to pay service tax and who doesn't. If you ask me that is discrimination!! I don't know what to do; we are looking to relocate but it’s hard. I have a daughter who is graduating this year and my fiancĂ© has a son who he has working for him part time. I don't understand why the people of Michigan can't look out of the box and see the big picture. Without big and small businesses, the middle class have NO JOBS.

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