Saturday, December 1, 2012

Six reasons to Avoid State-Run Health Insurance Exchanges

Here are six simple and understandable reasons why state-run health insurance exchanges should be avoided:
  • There is no obligation to create an exchange.
  • State exchanges will be state-funded, but not state-run.
  • State exchanges will impose huge fines on small businesses.
  • State exchanges will funnel millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies.
  • State exchanges will force taxpayers to share private medical information with the government.
  • There's no rush to create an exchange.
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1 comment:

Bob Smith said...

I'll admit I was falling for the "if we don't create it at the state level, what will the federal guys foist on us?" argument.

These points bring it into better focus. Resist the evil monster before it is too late.