Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Republicans are in Caucus

The crowds outside are growing. I am sitting in the safest place in Lansing, inside the House chamber. A phalanx of State Troopers are standing at the door to prevent any disruptions.

The crowd in the gallery, maxed out around 200, is very well behaved. I would guess it is about a 50/50 spilt of pro-labor freedom, and pro-union.

The presence of the press outside is enormous. Not only local and state, but National media is on hand to witness the making of history. Who would have predicted this would actually happen in Michigan!

I believe this will be a watershed event, not only for labor freedom but also for common-sense, constitutional government.

The most popular chant outside is "This is what's democracy's like." They are referring to their mob mentality, as if they can intimidate lawmakers into changing their vote. What they do not understand out their as they ramble and rumble is, they are not watching democracy, they are witnessing republican government. They are seeing how a democratic, constitutional republic operates, under representative form of government.

What a day!

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