Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Without Delay, Governor Snyder Signs Freedom to Work Bills

Here is how Huffington Post reported it:
WASHINGTON -- Gov. Rick Snyder (R) officially made Michigan a "right-to-work" state on Tuesday, signing into law two bills that significantly diminish the power of unions.

"I have signed these bills into law. ... We are moving forward on the topic of workplace fairness and equality," he said at a press conference on Tuesday evening, just hours after the state House passed the bills.

And the Detroit News:
Lansing — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation making Michigan the nation's 24th right-to-work state. "I'm confident this is in the best interest of Michiganders," Snyder said Tuesday evening.

In dramatic fashion, the Michigan House of Representatives on Tuesday afternoon sent Snyder two controversial right-to-work bills as thousands of rowdy protesters demonstrated outside the Capitol.

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Carl G. Oehling said...

Unfortunately God will only bless this action if we first repent of murdering babies before/during abortion