Thursday, December 6, 2012

Send Some Love to These Senators

There are some Republicans in the Senate who, I believe may need some extra encouragement today. Now, I am of the opinion that there is an effort being put forward to get unanimity on the Labor Freedom vote. I am hopeful to see all 26 members of the Republican caucus vote for Freedom to Work today. But there are four or five gentlmen, all of whom I served with in the House, who may need a little extra reinforcement.

Perhaps you can send them an email today. Let them know that there are millions of Labor Freedom supporters in this state and that if, as a result of their yes vote, they suffer any negative consequences, i.e. an attempt to defeat them in 2014, we, the freedom loving, (sure, call us tea party) Americans will be there to knock on doors if necessary. Just tell them one simple message,

Here are the Senators that I believe would be especially appreciative of this message:

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