Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Amazing Story of Clint Tarver and His Hot Dog Cart

Clint Tarver is a hot dog vendor. He sells them from his cart on the corner of Michigan and Capitol, across from the State Capitol Building. Watch this heartwarming four-minute video about Clint and his All-American success story.

Yesterday was a tragic day for Clint. But the day turned into an example of how God can turn tragedy into blessing through the love and compassion of hundreds of individuals who wanted to make something bad into something good.

Yesterday, Clint moved his hot dog cart into the Americans for Prosperity "Worker Freedom" tent on the capitol lawn. AFP was there to encourage and educate supporters of the historic Freedom to Work legislation that passed the House and the Senate. Unfortunately, some of thousands of union members who came to protest decided to tear down and trample over that tent, and in the process destroyed Clint's Hot Dog cart, and essentially put him out of business.

Here is where the story turns. A young lady named Lorilea Susanne created a website, telling of Clint's misfortune and providing a place for people to make donations to help Clint buy a new hot dog cart. Hopes were that $5,000 could be raised to cover the costs of replacing what was lost.

As of 5:00 p.m. today, nearly $17,000 has been contributed. Is America a land of self-absorbed takers? Or are there still people of generosity and goodwill in our land? I guess the story of Clint Tarver and his hot dog stand answers that question. If you would like to contribute to Clint's fund click here. I am sure he and his precious wife, Linda Lee will find a good use for any excess dollars that come in.

God bless you Clint. Thank you for spreading all that mustard and joy around Lansing!


Tim Bos said...

OMG! That guy has some of the best brats and polish sausages around. I was so pre-occupied yesterday that I didn't recognize him in the tent. In fact,I don't even remember his cart being there- and he handed me a hotdog. Or was it two? Can't remember. I've bought dozens of dogs from him over the last couple of years, and he has always been one of the nicest and happiest guys in the whole city. Once again, America's warts are overshadowed by our compassion and willingness to help those in need. What a lousy story with a great ending. said...

There are more good people than bad... even if the bad were out in force yesterday... I hope some good union folks donated... they weren't visible, but they were probably there... maybe?

Geoff Bauer said...

Is Clint Linda Lee-Tarver's husband? She is the ethnic chair in the Republican party of Michigan.

Geoff Bauer said...
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Anonymous said...

Now is the time to expand, get another cart and hire someone to work for him. God Bless, REO

act4kzoo said...

I met Clint and Linda Lee last year at a Republican convention, and they both are hard working good people. I am encouraged to know his business will survive, even thrive. Thank you Clint for being a part of the AFP tent too!