Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reporting from Ground Zero

I am seated in the gallery, above the House chamber. I will be reporting live, with up to-the-minute updates. All is quiet in here, of course. They are cahnting loudly in the rotunda. Many of the legislators are on the House floor. Session does not start until 10 a.m. I expect both parties will caucus around 10. I would expect leadership will move Labor Freedom legislation first thing, if at all possible.


Anonymous said...

Let us pray the GOP is not intimidated by the union thugs and their socialist allies.


Pat Nowak

Joseph Cox said...

Thanks Jack.. I am following. I would have come down there but I am self employed and have a business to run!

Jim Riley said...

Thanks Jack!
Without "Breitbart's like you (or should we call them Hoogendyks!) the bad guys would win every time.
It takes guts and tenacity to fight the greedy thugs and those who would distort the very concept of a free United States of America.
And you've got both.
Good luck and know that we support you.
Jim Riley

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jack, for keeping us in the loop. Be careful when you leave. Many thousands of pro-union supporters are rallying and parading outside. It's getting a little heated and loud out there [this is the top story on FOX News now]. Praying for you all.