Thursday, November 29, 2012

Union Member Writes to His State Representative

Dear Representative,

I'm sure you are being bombarded with calls from "forced-union members" re: Right-to-Work. The union bosses are telling their members to call their Representatives and voice their opposition to RTW because "their job and collective bargaining depends on it ...." This is a lie, but this is what the union bosses do; lie, threaten, and intimidate.

The union bosses want 2 things: money and power. And the money they get from forced-dues is what gives them their power. They use that forced dues money to fund and control the Democrat party, and they are scared to death that their free ride in Michigan is about to end!
Representative, please do the right thing: Vote for Freedom to Work and allow workers the freedom to decide if they want to join and financially support a union. RTW WILL NOT end collective bargaining, it will simply force unions to earn ther support from their members ...

I am a UAW member, please vote to give me the choice, so I am not forced to pay dues to a union that is funding the Democrats and controlling them.

Brian Pannebecker
Ford Motor Co. worker/ UAW Local 228

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