Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6, 2012: History Will Be Made. They Call it Right to Work

Expect the Senate and the House to pass Labor Freedom legislation today. The Democrats have vowed to use every procedural maneuver in the book to slow down the effort. They will demagogue the issue for their union big boss buddies.
You can also expect the Capitol Building to be packed, wall-to-wall with unhappy union members. It will be an entertaining side show. But, inside the chambers of the Senate and the House, expect to see decorum, order, and leadership by the Republican party as they take a huge step toward making Michigan a leader once again in job creation. Expect to see Speaker Bolger, Majority Leader Richardville and Governor Rick Snyder doing the right thing for all the people of this state.
You have an important role to play, but it does not include a visit to Lansing on today. You came Tuesday and visited your legislators, respectfully asking them to support workplace freedom. 
Now, you need to contact every Republican in Lansing and encourage them to join with their colleagues in the bold and courageous step of moving Michigan forward with "relentless positive action" by making Michigan the 24th Right-to-work state.
Call. Email. Fax. Text. Facebook. Tweet. Use whatever method of communication you are comfortable with. But be sure to get in touch with them TODAY. Thank them for being leaders.
You can watch the vote take place in the Senate and the House, on Michigan Government TV. Or, as the news develops, I will be posting. Stay tuned...

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