Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"This is What Democracy Looks Like!"

The title above is one of the chants we heard today at the Capitol as Right-to-Work legislation was passed in the House of representatives. Below are some examples of how our union brothers apparently view the democratic process. Watch and decide for yourself:

Breitbart: Lansing Mayor Tells Mob 'I am proud of you' as City Erupts in Violence

Breitbart: Right-to-Work Supporter Assaulted by Angry Mob

Breitbart: Union Mob Destroys Tent With People Inside

Lefler: First Person Account of Tent Destruction

Detroit News: Three Arrested...Pepper Spray Used at the Capitol
Michigan State Police donned riot gear this afternoon to control an increasingly angry crowd at the state Capitol, with police estimating that about 12,500 people were gathered at the site.

Capitol Confidential: Union Right to Work Protest Goes Violent

Los Angeles Times


Anonymous said...

If I were a union member, I would be shocked, ashamed and embarrassed by the violent behavior
of my associates. I commend the Right to Work supporters for their better behavior. Thank you for the fortitude you displayed.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more, on their violent acts.

Anonymous said...

Many of us were told that "Union Thuggery" was just a stereotype. Isn't this proof positive that "Union Thuggery" is painfully real??

Anonymous said...

It was disgusting as the mob chanted "one more tent" after destroying one, as they rushed the second one, cut it to shreads, stole the propane tanks, heaters and equipment. Thoe other union goons cheered and laughed and smiled, as did the cops. Never vote for anoth cop or firfighter millage increase.
I think I have bought my last union made car or truck and will no longer use union companies for my construction work. My grandkids will go to non-union parochial or home schools. THAT is what democracy looks like - vote with out dollars.

Scott said...

Shocked? No.

Surprised? No.

Embarassed? No.

Ashamed? No.

I am one of those union members who has been forced to pay dues for years to keep my job. I will be first in line to resign when the law goes into effect.

None of this behavior surprised me - indeed, I expected it to be worse, because these people have been brainwashed to behave the way they do. They can no longer help themselves.

I'm not embarrassed or ashamed because these people are not me. They don't represent me and they are nothing like me.