Monday, December 10, 2012

Freedom to Work: For Union Bosses, The Fight Has Just Begun

from the Detroit Free Press - Organized labor is teaming up with the Democratic Party and legislative leaders to explore ways to try to slow or stop right-to-work legislation steaming toward final passage this week in Lansing. The options range from a legal challenge of several aspects of the law to recall campaigns against Republican legislators who voted for the bills, to working vigorously to defeat pro-right-to-work legislators in the next statewide election in 2014.

Former state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk, a leading force behind getting the right--to-work bill passed, said supporters of right-to-work will rally behind any recall targets and work tirelessly to keep them in office.

"The Michigan [Freedom]-to-work coalition did an outstanding job of marshalling the troops to get this done in the first place," he said. "And we'll do it again." Read full article here.

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