Friday, December 14, 2012

Charles Krauthammer Gives Us the Cold, Hard Truth

Charles Krauthammer, in a mere 90 seconds boiled the right-to-work debate down to some simple, painful realities. Here is part of what he said:

"The fact is that in the right-to-work states, unemployment is 6.9%. And in the other states the non-right-to-work, it's 8.7. So you can choose to have fewer workers who enjoy higher, inflated, unnatural, if you like, wages, uncompetitive wages. Or you can have competitive wages and more people employed, more people with the dignity of a job and less unemployment, more taxation and more activity. I think it's it the right choice but I understand how it's a wrenching choice."
For the full video, click here.

We, in Michigan are in a competitive market with the rest of the United States, and the United States is competing with the rest of the world, something we did not have to do in the 1950's. Business and industry are not moral or immoral, they are amoral. They will go where they need to go to create profit and wealth. Some care more about employees than others, (although the smart ones know that happy, safe, well-paid employees mean a more successful business in the long run).

Smart businesses adapt, that's what keeps them competitive. Smart people (workers) adapt as well. That's what keeps them competitive as employees. Whether you are discussing businesses or people, the ones who adapt stand a better chance of success. Is it easy for business? Just ask the thousands of business owners who went bankrupt. Is it easy for workers? Just ask the millions who have lost a job.

The hard reality is we live in a free market where workers and business owners still have the freedom to adapt however they need to in an attempt at being successful.

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