Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rep. Townsend Speaks in Opposition

"We are about to return to the gilded age of two classes, rich and poor. This bill is about greed...they want to run the middle class down...we built the American middle class in Michigan, but now the extreme special interests are taking control...billionaire Dick DeVos and other robber barons who think people are nothing more than costs to be managed...unions hold CEO's accountable and now they are being targeted."

"Why would anyone pay if they didn't have to pay to benefit?" Would the Michigan Chamber support legislation that would force a corporation to provide services free of charge?

Regarding "choice" ...right wingers talk about the right to choose, but ask them if women should have the right to choose abortion or gay marriage and they say they are not interested. That is the bottom line...

We are tipping the scales in favor of the powerful and wealthy. (saith Rep. Townsend)

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