Thursday, December 6, 2012

Looks Like We Are on Third Reading in the Senate

Every bill gets three readings. The first is on introduction, and is "read" in by the clerk. The second is after the bill clears committee. That is when amendments may be offered on the floor. The third reading is on final passage.

One way a bill can be pushed through more quickly is by discharging it from committee. That is what the senate has done. They are apparently voting on two bills right now. SB 116 and HB 4003. These bills are "vehicle bills" that had already been working their way through the process. The language was stripped out and substitute language was inserted. This language is essentially the language of the Freedom to Work bill. I believe HB 4003 was substituted with language from Rep. Mike Shirkey.

Debate is going on right now on the Senate floor. I believe the bill is up for final passage right now.

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