Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Conservative Republican Hall of Fame

We found a letter on our desks on the House floor tonight. It was a brief, four-paragraph letter telling us that "it is not inconsistent with with mainstream Republican principles to embrace higher revenues as part of a broad based compromise agenda...our party has a long and proud history of stepping up to the plate..."

This lovely little missive was signed by a long list of former Republican legislators, real "heroes" all:
Bender, Bobier, Bryant, Busch, Crissman, DeGrow, DeWeese, Dillingham, Dolan, Gast, Gilmer, Godchaux, Gougeon, Hart, Hayes, Hillegonds, Johnson, Lasata, McManus, Munsell, Ostling, Pumford, Scwarz, Scranton, Sederberg, Shulman, Sikkema.

Maybe some enterprising young College Republicans can do some homework and find out what kind of voting records these all-stars have.

Stepping up to the plate? Oh, yeah. Here comes a high hard one...swing and a miss.

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