Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Further update on the tax bill

Here is a note from sleuth extraordinaire, Leon Drolet:

A committee of key House and Senate lawmakers have been meeting since 9:00am today, trying to reach an agreement on how to avoid a state shutdown that will occur this coming Sunday at midnight. So far, Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop has refused to agree to an income tax increase and Democrats have refused to agree to more than $300 million in spending reductions and want to raise taxes for the rest of the $1.75 billion.

We have a stalemate that could break the minute either side blinks. And the spenders won’t blink. So, we either have shutdown, pass a continuation budget for one month or so, or we have a crippling tax hike on citizens.


MI Resident said...

Well, Aunt Jenny has already been quoted as saying she would veto a continuation budget... So, its going to boil down to how hard and fast the republicans are going to stick to their guns and not cave to the tax hikes.

I've said it on my page - my husband is a state employee, and we stand to lose a paycheck(s) but we are more than willing to go without for as long as we need to if it means cuts will be included in the budget. said...

Thanks for the updates, Representative.