Sunday, September 30, 2007

I guess you can call this progess...

The Democrats just went into caucus. They have a bit of a conundrum. This MESSA vote. I think they tried to call our bluff. They told our leadership that they would run the MESSA bill, but they needed 42 Republican votes to pass it. They were going to put up 14 Dem votes to get this reform done. Keep in mind, the Senate already passed it.

Well, at first, only about 33 or so Republicans voted for the MESSA reform, but we ultimately held up our end of the deal. Now, I am a little tired and my vision is getting blurred, but is that 44 Republican votes I see up there? We have 46 green votes up total, only need 10 more brave Democrats to finish the deal.

Maybe that is what they are doing in caucus...drawing straws for who gets to expose themselves to the wrath of the MEA.

By the way, there have been some comments about who would benefit and who would be hurt by MESSA reform. Make no mistake, the taxpayers and the school districts would benefit big time. The school employees who are insured with BC-BS under MESSA would do no worse and might do better as other insurance companies offer competitive bids.

The loser? The Michigan Education Association. They own MESSA, the third party administrator who reaps millions in "profit" for the MEA by being the administrator.

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