Thursday, September 27, 2007

Twelve Hours...No Votes

We were called to order at noon on Thursday, September 27. We were recessed over and over again until at midnight we adjourned, because we had to. We did not take a SINGLE vote. Didn't even try.

Your tax dollars are being very well spent.

For those of you who live in Kalamazoo County, rest assured you are well represented. Your County Administrator has been sitting in the cloak room, drinking coffee, reading the paper, working on his computer and watching our EVERY move, every day since about two weeks ago.


wolflady48884 said...

Let me guess the Kalamazoo County Administrator is a Democrat who also is sucking off the tax payers of that county while sitting at the House doing nothing.

And the County is running itself. Hey looks like if this has been going on for 2 weeks then perhaps the County should look at getting rid of the position. Obviously the County is working quite well with out it's administrator.

Matt said...

Please give the Commissioner a heart-felt thanks from me. He was actually one of my teachers in High School and I really respect his care for our interests. Keep up the good work! We know who represents us well.

wolflady48884 said...

What I find amazing is how the people of this state are not demanding that all this back room dealing ends. WE have the right to see the debate on the tax increases that we are going to be saddled with. We should be allowed to to seen just what the legislators are doing. This needs to be on the house floor not hiding from the people who are going to be paying the bill.