Sunday, September 30, 2007

Clear the Board!

They just took MESSA off the board. Now going back to HB5198, the 6% service tax...


Steward Sandstrom said...

This is NOT the time to raise taxes on Michigan's job providers. Our economy is bad enough without this additional burden.

We,at The Chamber of Commerce, have said in the recent past that tax increases tie-barred to reforms and spending cuts would only be acceptable if there were hard sunsets on the tax increases. We stand by that position today.

Steward Sandstrom

John Crawford said...

I agree with Stew Sandstrom!

Michigan has lost over 370,000 full-tiume jobs sonce 2001, per the Univ of Michigan. The Dept of Labor pegs the average wage in MI of a full-time job at $42,500.

Do the math: the missing W2 taxes alone on almost $15 Billion of wages is over $550 Million EVERY YEAR. Toss on another $330 Million for their lost Sales Tax Revenue and you have $1 Billion in missing state revenue right there!

Michigan's Main Problem is that a HUGE Chunk of our Economy has been blown away!

We need more good-paying Jobs.

It stands to reason that to have more good-paying JOBS, we need to have more good-paying Jobs Providers!

This is not the time to DIScourage them with more taxes!

Our Wyoming-Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce has even just endorsed the FAIR Tax concepts to drive that point home!