Sunday, September 30, 2007

"A Call of the House"

Nothing was going on. So, many of us left to attend church. For some unexplained reason, during the church hour, the Dems issued a "call of the house". That means you come in immediately and you can't leave. So, we had to leave church, just when it was getting good, and come back to the House floor. we are, now what?


wolflady48884 said...

Every one of you should have waited for the MSP to come and get you. This is nothing more than harassment of the worst kind by the House leadership. They are sitting in their offices laughing about what they did.

Outrageous and Dictatorial. Like another half hour would have made one iota of difference and if they weren't ready to get off their dead backsides and do something when the legislators got back to the House the call should have not happened at all.

Steph623 said...

That is disgusting. That is pure harrassment and a thinly veiled attempt at coercion.


I hope you have some media people who are up there documenting this. The people of this State need to know this stuff!