Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Hero of the Hour: Rep. Kevin Green

This MESSA thing has caused some angst with some of my caucus brothers. Take Kevin Green, for example. The conservative Republican from Wyoming has lots of public school types who have pressured him greatly NOT to vote for MESSA reform. Hey, its tough to do the right thing when you are getting veiled threats of a strong opponent in the next election by those folks at the MEA.

But my buddy Kevin, principled conservative that he is, put his "Green" vote up and supported the MESSA reform. Send Kevin a thank you note at


John Crawford said...

Thanks for your Blog, Jack! We're all thinking about you guys! You have a tough, thankless job - we appreciate you hanging in there.

John Crawford
Allendale, MI

PS: I DID just send my good friend Rep Kevin Green a Thank You note! I sppreciate the heads-up!

Steph623 said...

I wrote Rep. Green a thank you there's a man with some cojones! Thank you Rep. Green! You did what is right for the CHILDREN! The MEA cares about the MEA.