Sunday, September 30, 2007

SB622 Privatization? Be still my beating heart!

Can you believe the governor is actually going to allow the Department of Corrections to contract with third parties to provide Mental Health services to inmates?

Believe it. The Senate bill passes the House by a tally of 82-27.


Tom said...

OK...that's a start. Hey, the budget gap is shrinking! Let's force the Dems to suddenly discover some more cost cutting!

RJazz117 said...

Here's a surprise! Our illustrious Governor finally made a good decision!! Call a doctor, I think my heart just stopped.

jimbo said...

Is the state go to pay a 6% service tax for this service???

Here's a fix for the inmates with mental problems ... open a bar in the prison. Let the inmates discuss their mental problems with the bartender ... people have been doing this for centuries. The State would save money by not pay for mental services, thay wouldn't have to pay the additional 6% service tax, they would realize income from the tax on sales, and the tax from the purchase of booze and it would also employ a whole bunch of bartenders ..... win, win, win! Its so ridiculous, the democrates just might go for it!

Steph623 said...

It's step! The WHOLE THING needs to be privatized!!!! However, it has to be privatized with a CLOSE WATCH on the balance sheets.