Sunday, September 30, 2007

Final vote

57 YES, 52 NO.

Well, folks, there you have it.

Gaffney and Ward are the Republicans voting for a tax increase. Ward changed his vote AFTER the board was closed, not sure why. Maybe because he promised the Governor. Maybe he fell on his sword to get several Dem vulnerables to vote YES.

Send a thank you note to Judy, and to Dick Ball He was solid red right from the start. Thank Rick Shaffer, Howard Walker, Judy Emmons. They did the right thing.


Roda said...

Stupid . . . stupid . . . stupid . . . (bangs head against the wall.)

maria erin said...

Nice play-by-play, not-so-nice tax increas :(

Does this mean you get to go home?

jimbo said...

I really appreciate what Dick and Judy did and how the voted. But I also want to send e-mails to the weak Gaffney & Ward. I think they should both be unemployed!

Tom said...

so now the guv will go out and say it was a bi-partisan tax increase.
I sure hope Ward & Gaffney are disciplined by the caucus - severly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jack for your updates and your committment to the taxpayers of Michigan.
My husband and i are lucky. We have the resources to move out of this state...
We among those who pay a huge share of the taxes and are beginning to really resent it. I understand there are states with no sales tax... guess I'll start my research.
We've worked hard for our money- started out making $7000. after college graduation... and won't apologize to anyone for working hard and being successful... but we don't want to fund the state nor the teachers' life long health insurance benefits.

Anonymous said...

So, the first recall targets are Ward and Gaffney. Count on me for anything that will help to put these RINOs where they can no longer do any damage - though they've already done enough.

apackof2 said...

Late to the party

Are you talking about the income tax increase?

Not surprised one bit by Gaffney & Ward

However the service tax passed by the House SB 772 still has to pass the
Senate so its not a done deal yet, correct?

Does the Senate have to accept the tie bar created by House Dems?

Good grief, shut the state down instead of accepting these insane tax increases!

RV Wanna-be
Maddie the Wonderdog

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"Political correctness is tyranny with manners"
Charleston Heston

Tom - Dexter said...

This is the biggest slap in the face to those of us who are trying to stick it out here in Michigan.
My "Forsale By Owner" sign goes up on the front lawn, in the morning. This is absolutely "NUTS" The State of Michigan is a huge embarrassment to the rest of our great nation. It is a total train wreck.

Anonymous said...

Is it over or what. Am I going to work tomorrow? I love the up to the minute news but can't stay up all night if I have to go to work. State Employee

michael emlong said...

It is time to recall traitor Ward or at the very least revoke his parking privilidges

wolflady48884 said...


Steph623 said...

Tom, Good luck with that. I've had a house for sale for 9 months. It is now just for sale 'will take best offer'. No takers. It's a nice house and it isn't in Detroit. There's NOTHING selling.

Steph623 said...

Everyone should write their Senator. I don't think there has been a vote on this there yet.