Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here is how we are fixing the budget shortfall.

This is Senate Bill 657. Go to and enter the bill number. Below is the explanation you will read:

"Introduced by Sen. Ron Jelinek on July 26, 2007, to transfer to the general fund to pay for other government spending $70 million from a fuel tax that is supposed to be dedicated for the cleanup of leaking underground fuel tanks. (The underground fuel tank cleanup fund was also the target of a 2004 "fund raid".) This is part of the deal to borrow and shift funds to avoid spending cuts in the Fiscal Year 2006-2007 budget."

This is the way the cowardly lion would fix the budget.

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wolflady48884 said...

Wait a minute I thought the Democrats were the clean up the environment guys and gals.

Now they want to rob the fund meant to clean up the environment of spillage from underground fuel tanks. OH OH we are all in trouble now. (tongue firmly placed in cheek)

By the way have been watching house TV for a week now when they are in session.

Question for you Representative Hoogendyk. With all that is getting done these days in the house (NOT) how do you keep from dying of boredom?????