Sunday, September 30, 2007

Service taxes...cha ching!

House bill 5198 is on the board for a vote. It has come out of "conference" which means the Senate and the House have agreed on the content. Now both houses have to vote the package up or down, with no changes allowed. Our lone Republican House conferee, David Palsrok voted against the bill in conference. Sadly, of the 6 conferees, he was the only NO vote. the content of the bill is too large to describe. Suffice to say, all of the items in it are NEW revenue, things that have never been taxed before. It is intended to bring about $750 million in revenue per year.

Here are some of the things enumerated in the bill:
If you clean your carpet, you pay a tax
Armored car services, pay a tax
Janitorial services, are taxed (clean your own toilets)
Personal Services are taxed...such as,
Baby shoe bronzing (give 'em to Goodwill)
Balloon-o-grams (send flowers)
Check room services (just wear your coat at the ball)
Comfort station (wait till you get home)
Concierge services (use Google)
Dating services (meet someone at church instead)
Social escort services (I'm not going there)
House sitting (you're kidding, right?)
Social introduction services (I don't even know what that is!)
Party planning services (after all this, who even wants to have a party?)
Personal trainers (buy a treadmill, Oh yeah, that's taxed, too)
Personal shopping services (use Google)
Psychic services (I think fortune cookies are exempt!)
Rest room operation services (like I said before, hold it until you get home)
Shoeshine services (wear tennis shoes)
Singing telegrams (use "land-shark" he doesn't sing)
Skiing services (snow, not water...I think)
Warehouse and storage (big hit on industry)
Mini-warehouse, and self-storage (I think your glove box is exempt)...
...there is much more, but I think you get the idea.

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