Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Conservative Republican Hall of Fame

We found a letter on our desks on the House floor tonight. It was a brief, four-paragraph letter telling us that "it is not inconsistent with with mainstream Republican principles to embrace higher revenues as part of a broad based compromise agenda...our party has a long and proud history of stepping up to the plate..."

This lovely little missive was signed by a long list of former Republican legislators, real "heroes" all:
Bender, Bobier, Bryant, Busch, Crissman, DeGrow, DeWeese, Dillingham, Dolan, Gast, Gilmer, Godchaux, Gougeon, Hart, Hayes, Hillegonds, Johnson, Lasata, McManus, Munsell, Ostling, Pumford, Scwarz, Scranton, Sederberg, Shulman, Sikkema.

Maybe some enterprising young College Republicans can do some homework and find out what kind of voting records these all-stars have.

Stepping up to the plate? Oh, yeah. Here comes a high hard one...swing and a miss.


wolflady48884 said...

The list I see here were a bunch of no principled wimps. A few of them I have contacted on issues in their districts and they couldn't even have the courtesy to answer or if they did it was a canned letter that gets sent to everyone. It said nothing about the issue addressed to them.

I really hate disingenuous politicians.

Keep sticking to your guns. There are a whole bunch of people out here who really love you for what you are doing.

OH and a message from some of our summer neighbors here at the lake from your district. We talked this weekend while they were here and they said they would go to your blog and read also. They also said the love you too and appreciate how you represent them in their district.

Allan said...

These are many of the same people who launched "Citizens for Michigan", the effort to destroy many of the protections of citizens in the Michigan Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. You know what is right. And being the black sheep isn't so bad. =)
You & the entire legislature are in our prayers.