Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Senate Adjourned, House Went Home. Now What?

The Senate was in session, a "Call of the Senate" had been issued, and they were reading bills in. Suddenly and abruptly, the Senate was adjourned until tomorrow morning. The House announced no further voting today and went at ease. Why?

I can only speculate, but as a former legislator, I have my theories. Suffice to say, I personally think Thursday could be the day for something significant. The unions sure think so. They have hundreds on hand and will likely bus in hundreds more tonight. Tomorrow will be an interesting day for our lawmakers.

What should you do? I suggest you tune into MGTV, find it here. You can watch the House and the Senate proceedings live, as they happen. Then, if something does happen, you can immdeiatley send an email, phone call, fax, or if you have it, a text message to your Republican legislators and ask them to vote for Labor Freedom!

Go to Lansing? I wouldn't. The place will be likely be filled with folks rallying in opposition and, if you watched what happened in Wisconsin in February, 2011, you might rather participate by watching on TV and communicating via email.

I will be watching and blogging as it happens, if possible. So, if you can't be at a computer monitor, keep your cell phone handy for tweets and blogs from Lansing! Tomorrow could be a very interesting day.

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