Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Minority Leader Whitmer Accuses "Tea Party" of Wasting Tax Dollars

During her comments in opposition to a DDA bill, Gretchen Whitmer worked into her comments that she is sick of tea partiers coming to Lansing on the "taxpayers' dime" to trample all over the capitol and use a tent paid for by taxpayers, (not true) so they can lobby for a "so-called" right-to-work bill that hasn't even been introduced.


Deb O'Hagan said...

Once again the left accuses the right of something they are actually doing. I am deeply offended by her comments. I pay my own way to Lansing, I pay my own parking, my own gas, take time away from other responsibilities in order to speak with my elected officials who are there to represent me and need to hear from me. We are not 'trampling' anything, shame on Whitmer for being so insulting and disrespectful to the voters of MI. And shame on her for telling lies to suit her own storyline.

Nancy Luckhurst said...

Someone out to clue that idiot Whitmer in. "taxpayer's dime?" Where does she get that? And I am sure the tea party paid for the tent. LIES LIES LIES. Do the Dumb Dems ever tell the truth about anything?

Anonymous said...

Well, Tea Partiers are taxpayers also, so who cares?