Sunday, September 16, 2007

Release the Yellow Ten!!

We have been sitting on the floor of the House for 57 hours and counting. We have been "voting" on the same bill for virtually the entire 57 hours. A bill to raise your taxes. From the start, Republicans have made it clear, we are not in favor of soaking it to the taxpayers of this state. The Democrats have been voting for the tax bill. All of them except the "Yellow Ten". Their lights on the board are still yellow; they haven't voted.

If they would all go ahead and vote with their colleagues, there would be 56 votes, just enough to pass the tax bill and send it to the Senate. So, c'mon guys, just do it! Then you, and all of us can be released to go home, take a shower, get some sleep, and come in bright and early tomorrow to get something else done for the good of state of Michigan.

Who are the "Yellow Ten" by the way? Reps. Brown, Byrum, Corriveau, Dean, Ebli, Griffin, Simpson, Spade, Valentine, Wojno. You can see the scoreboard with the reds, greens and yellows at:

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