Sunday, September 16, 2007

Release the Yellow Ten!!

We have been sitting on the floor of the House for 57 hours and counting. We have been "voting" on the same bill for virtually the entire 57 hours. A bill to raise your taxes. From the start, Republicans have made it clear, we are not in favor of soaking it to the taxpayers of this state. The Democrats have been voting for the tax bill. All of them except the "Yellow Ten". Their lights on the board are still yellow; they haven't voted.

If they would all go ahead and vote with their colleagues, there would be 56 votes, just enough to pass the tax bill and send it to the Senate. So, c'mon guys, just do it! Then you, and all of us can be released to go home, take a shower, get some sleep, and come in bright and early tomorrow to get something else done for the good of state of Michigan.
Who are the "Yellow Ten" by the way? Reps. Brown, Byrum, Corriveau, Dean, Ebli, Griffin, Simpson, Spade, Valentine, Wojno. You can see the scoreboard with the reds, greens and yellows at:


Dennis Smith @ INCH said...

Jack, I hope you and the rest of the republicans continue to stand firm against tax increases, regardless of how long the Dems keep you in session. They have the votes to pass it; they just want a few republicans to vote in favor of the tax hike so they can say it was a bi-partisan effort. With the next campaign season just months away, I'm sure they don't want to be labeled as the "tax increase party".

I really enjoy your Core Principles emails and this blogspot. Denny Smith (INCH)

Matt said...

Who is that guy trying to juggle at the front with only one ball? Is that the speaker? This truly must be a circus. I can't believe people get paid to do so little work. I'm definitely sorry you have to sit there for 60 hours so that someone can try and force the tax-payers to pay more for no work. said...

Rep. Hoogendyk,

THANK YOU for standing up for Michigan families during this long drawn out hostage crisis.

I know the Speaker's off golfing right now with lobbyists, raking in that special interest money, but when he joins the rest of the working world this afternoon stick to your guns!

And thank your colleagues for us too!


Laura said...

Why did the plan to increase the sales tax fail? At least the sales tax would be a burden evenly distributed among the people. The tourists would pay; the migrant workers would pay; the welfare recipients would pay. Seems like the middle-class working folks are the ones getting hit with this.

Republican Michigander said...

Good luck Representative. Keep a united front.