Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Release Mr. Perks!

During this long debate over whether to raise taxes or not, a large (trailer size) pink pig, affectionately named "Mr. Perks" has been parked on the front walkway of the Capitol building. Written on his side in a large font were the words "NO to Lansing's TAX HIKE".

Out of apparent frustration, the city of Lansing has been parking a large fire truck in front of Mr. Perks to block him from the view of passing motorists.

Today, Mr. Perks was hauled off (to jail?) by a truck. Nobody seems to know who took him or where he really is. But I think we might be able to call him the first political prisoner in this tax battle. So far, no ransom note has been found. Leon Drolet is keeping his phone line open in case the pig-napper calls with terms of release.

If you know anything of his whereabouts, please call the Lansing Police Department!

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