Wednesday, September 5, 2007

More budgets moving...more money being spent

The House is now moving the "second house bills". This means the appropriations bills that started in the Senate and came over to the House appropriations committees, were voted out and sent to the House floor...

Military and Veterans Affairs (SB 235) increasing 5% (4.2% on general fund (GF)) and $3 million more than what the Senate approved.

Agriculture (SB 222) increasing 6.1% on general fund.

Judicial Branch (SB 233) at just under $160 million, is only increasing 2%.

History Arts and Libraries, (HAL) (SB 231) increasing 7.1%, (a whopping 12.8% on GF). This is mostly due to an increase of $3.6 million in arts and cultural affairs grants. One has to ask how we can do that when we have a $2 billion budget shortfall...

You can review these bills by going to and entering the bill numbers.

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