Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fee bills...sunsets extended

Today we moved a package of fee bills. HBs 4849, 4860, 4862, 4863, 4864.

They have to do with fees for pesticide regulation, pet shop regulation, nursery licenses, horticulture research project licensing, horse riding stable regulation, livestock operation regulation and licensing. Generally speaking, many of these fees were put in place a few years ago "temporarily" to shore up funding. The fee increases were set to expire September 30, 2007.

These bills extend the sunsets on the fee increases for another 5 years. It's just another little money grab at the expense of good, taxpaying business owners.

Read the bills and analyses at

1 comment: said...

Just more proof that all this malarchy about "temporary tax hikes" is so much hooey.

When the government takes a piece they never return it... they just come back later to take more.