Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Valentine (D) Muskegon: Decidedly undecided

This story from the Muskegon Chronicle about one of the "Yellow Ten" says it all. How refreshingly candid!

Budget stall has Valentine in tough spot
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
By Steve Gunn

State Rep. Mary Valentine, D-Norton Shores, may be caught in the political crossfire of the fierce budget battle being waged in the state Legislature.
She is one of 10 House Democrats who hasn't cast a vote on a proposed income tax hike, a holdout position that has delayed action on the state budget and is propelling state government toward a possible shutdown.
Democratic leaders in the state House don't want her to publicly adopt their pro-tax position, according to published reports and Lansing watchers. She has to run for re-election next year in a tough district, and party leaders don't want the tax-hike label hanging around her neck.
But Valentine said she simply hasn't made up her mind, and will cast a vote on the tax increase proposal when she feels "the time is right."

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