Monday, September 17, 2007


Now that this crisis is over, at least for know, I must tell you the efforts by the Democrats to get us on board with a tax increase was incredible. Not only did they do everything I mentioned in the last blog, but they also made repeated efforts at peeling off a member here or there. They tried to break our solidarity. Every hour there was another rumor of a member or a group of members ready to "cut a deal" and no doubt, plenty of deals were offered by the Governor and the Dem leadership.

We Republicans, out of respect, listened politely to each offer, but as evidenced by the fact that not ONCE did a Republican pull his vote off the board and go "green", even the wheeling and dealing could not break our resolve and singleness of purpose.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged us throughout this ordeal with e-mails and phone calls. You kept us strong! My e-mail box has never been so full. I received about 400 emails of support and only 35 telling me to raise taxes! But, stay on your guard. They have not given up, they will try again.

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