Saturday, September 15, 2007

So how much additional revenue do we really need?

I am sure by now you have heard, ad nauseum, about the $1.8 billion shortfall in the budget. I think the Sepeaker of the House even said yesterday that we are $2.3 billion in the hole.

But, that is the typical liberal mindset at work. That deficit is based not on what we have available to spend, but on what the governor and the Speaker, (and the Appropriations Chair) want to spend. Let's look at some real numbers:

This year's (ending Sept. 30) actual General Fund spending will come in at $9.1 billion.
This year's actual total budgetary spending (from ALL sources) will end up at $42.9 billion.

The latest figures for projected revenue for next year in GF is $8.2 billion.
The most up-to-date figure for revenue from all sources is $42.3 billion.

So, if we pass a budget that is flat, i.e. the same as last year, we need to find somewhere between $600 and $900 million. The Republicans have been compiling lists of reforms, restructuring, consolidations, privatizations, real cuts, etc. that should give us ample opportunity to balance this budget without asking for any more dollars from the taxpayers who still live and work here in Michigan.

Will it be painful? For some, yes. Will it be difficult? In some areas, yes. Is it our Number One job balance the state budget? YES. Stick around, the party on common sense will get it done.

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